Music Director-job description


REPORTS TO:  Board of Directors


The Music Director is the artistic director and conductor of the Menomonee Falls Symphony Orchestra (MFSO). The Music Director reports directly to the Board of Directors and works closely with the President, Board, Librarian and Business /Operations Managers. The successful candidate should be experienced in performance and rehearsal practice with volunteer and professional musicians alike. He/She will ensure that artistic excellence is attained in all musical aspects of the orchestra’s activities, including concerts, artistic partnerships, the young artist competition, and outreach. The Music Director will be expected to bring a broad and deep knowledge of orchestral repertoire. 

The Music Director will be an original and innovative thinker who can bring new ideas to all aspects of the MFSO, while embracing and building upon its achievements. Respectful of the legacy that has been set, the Music Director will play a leadership role in collaboratively creating a new future for the MFSO. 

The Music Director will cultivate the creativity of those within the orchestra and adhere to principles of fairness and sensitivity in all matters pertaining to orchestra personnel such as artistic planning, auditions, solo assignments, and seating, etc. 

The Music Director should also be prepared to advance the interests of the MFSO and be its public face. The Music Director must be an excellent communicator, public speaker, and a strong leader with a commitment to working collaboratively with the Board of Directors, musicians, and staff. 

This is a part-time salaried position. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications.


  • Minimum of a master’s degree in Orchestral Conducting or commensurate experience as demonstrated in the submitted application materials.
  • Experience conducting and delivering compelling performances with professional and volunteer orchestras.
  • Mastery of at least one instrument, ability to coach all sections to realize desired level of play and musical interpretation.
  • Experience performing as a member of an orchestra. Soloist experience a plus.
  • Effective and efficient rehearsal technique.
  • Reside within commuting distance from MFSO (Sussex Hamilton High School) to facilitate attendance at performances, weekly rehearsals, Board meetings, planning meetings, community outreach events, and audience development efforts.


  • Experience in developing imaginative programming, using diverse repertoire.
  • Interest in modern and contemporary music within the broad range of symphonic repertoire.
  • Musical and personal leadership skills, including ability to motivate, inform, and elicit the best efforts of musicians learning challenging and unfamiliar repertoire.
  • Awareness of current performance practice and sensitivity to the changing role of orchestras and modes of performance.
  • Ability to inspire and communicate musically and orally with audiences both on and off the stage.
  • Appreciation for the non-profit status of the organization and willingness to collaborate with the orchestra volunteers and board to run the orchestra and operate within budgetary limits.
  • Willingness to represent the orchestra in the life of the community, support fundraising, and participate in the promotional endeavors of the orchestra.
  • Able to commit to an early September through mid-May weekly Monday evening rehearsal schedule (30 – 34 weeks) and a minimum of four orchestra programs performed annually.


  • Programming and repertoire
    • Plan programming for each season’s concerts which have historically been in October, December, February, and April.  Programming plans should be submitted to the Board by early January and must include the list of musical selections, soloist, and instrumentation.
  • Music Library
    • Work with the Librarian to ensure that music is available as needed and within the budget constraints. We currently have over 1,000 scores with parts in our Library.
    • Monitor necessary legal contracts for music licensing, royalties, copyrights, etc.
  • Rehearsals and Concerts
    • Prepare and conduct weekly rehearsals, dress rehearsals and concerts. There are typically six or seven Monday evening rehearsals, one Friday evening or Saturday dress rehearsal before each concert. 
    • Coordinate set-up and strike down for all rehearsals and performances.
    • Work with the Sussex Hamilton School District to obtain an approved rehearsal schedule.
    • Coordinate with Hamilton High School Band Director regarding the MFSO’s respectful use of the school band room and property.
    • Coordinate with concert venue with stage set-up requirements, including chairs, music stands, conductor podium and stand placement, and sound and lighting needs.
    • Oversee and/or write any needed orchestrations for soloists.
    • Provide content for the concert programs.
    • Work with Board to produce season brochure and concert fliers.
    • Publish season rehearsal and performance schedules for musicians.
    • Engage with audience during and after concerts via commentary during performance and receptions after concerts.
  •  Musicians
    • Participate in selecting new members, substitute players, and additional musicians when needed due to instrumentation requirements. Determine section seating.
    • Create a committed and strong musical atmosphere of growth for all musicians in the Orchestra.
    • Coordinate sectionals as part of concert preparation, as necessary.
    • Work with Concertmaster to guide musicians in performance techniques, such as bowing.
  • Soloists
    • Attract and select all guest artists, staying within budget constraints and consulting with the Board of Directors. Work with the board and orchestra members on coordination and interaction with soloists.
  • Musical collaborations
    • Collaborate with the Board to identify and approach local arts groups to appear with the Orchestra and coordinate their participation.
  • Young artist competition
    • Participate on the panel to judge the annual Young Artists Competition. Prepare winner for performance with orchestra.


  • Board
    • Attend monthly board meetings as a non-voting member and provide a brief Music Director report at each meeting.
    • Work with Board to develop and establish long-range artistic plans and business strategies for the development of the MFSO, and work to achieve its immediate and future goals.
  • Fundraising
    • Assist with grant writing and other financial opportunities specific to repertoire and music output.
  • Community outreach
    • Available to assist with community outreach and audience development projects.


  • October 8, 2022, Saturday, Dinner @ 6:30pm, Concert @ 7:30pm. Friday dress rehearsal at 7pm
    • Sweetest Day Dinner and Concert at Davian’s in Menomonee Falls
    • Featuring vocalist Ellen Winters
  • December 3, 2022, 7:30pm Saturday.  Friday dress rehearsal at 7:00pm
    • Christmas Concert at Hamilton Fine Arts Center
    • Featuring TBD
  • February 12, 2023, Saturday, Dinner @ 6:30pm, Concert @ 7:30pm. Friday dress rehearsal at 7:00pm
    • Valentine’s Day Dinner and Concert at Davian’s in Menomonee Falls
    • Featuring Singer/Songwriter – Carmen Nickerson
  • April 22, 2023, 7:30pm, Saturday.  Friday dress rehearsal at 7:00pm
    • Classical Concert at Hamilton Fine Arts Center
    • Featuring Violinist – Julian Rhee


This community orchestra is a non-profit arts organization founded to enhance the community through the music development of its members and through concerts for varied audiences in the metropolitan Milwaukee and Waukesha area. The Menomonee Falls Symphony Orchestra strives to engage in artistic endeavors that, otherwise, might not be possible in Southeastern Wisconsin.

The mission will be accomplished by:

  • Using the talents of a trained conductor and qualified orchestra members.
  • Taking orchestra music to the community through outreach concerts.
  • Providing an opportunity for young artists to perform with an orchestra; and
  • Enlisting support of individuals and organizations.


  • Applications are due by Friday, July 15, 2022.
  • Applications must include a cover letter including:
    • A statement of your artistic vision.
    • A statement on how you would advance the mission of the Menomonee Falls Symphony Orchestra
  • Applications must include a resume, including:
    • Your contact information.
    • Contact information of three professional references with whom you have worked.
    • Samples of concert programs you have programmed and conducted, maximum of three.
    • A link to videos that showcases your skills and musicianship as a conductor. Rehearsal or concert recordings are acceptable.
  • E-mail all application material and any further questions to