Pam Kirk – Principal Violist

Portrait of Pam Kirk
Principal Violist

Hello, my name is Pam and I am the principal violist for the MFSO.

I did not come from a musical home.  My parents listened to instrumental easy listening favorites (elevator music) and only in the car!  I was dared to choose a stringed instrument by the boy next door when I was nine, and I chose viola.  He chose bass.  My parents were surprised, but very supportive.

Excellent music teachers from public schools in Watertown and Eau Claire taught me to be a musician.  They insisted on practice and excellence, but made learning fun.  I continued on to study at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, where I received my Bachelor of Music Education degree.  In the following years, I taught music to children, ages 3-18, for the public schools in Kaukauna and in Menomonee Falls.  I performed as a violist with the Fox Valley Symphony and the Festival City Symphony as well as occasional fill in jobs with other Wisconsin community-based orchestras.

I stepped back from teaching in order to spend more time with my children.  Thus ended a career, but not my musical vocation.  At about that time, the Menomonee Falls Symphony Orchestra moved right into my backyard.  Perfect timing for me!  I joined in 1999.  Over the last 20+ years we have performed such a wide variety of great music. Music written by the old master composers of classical music is always a favorite, but we have also performed new works that have been beautiful and quite challenging.  Plus, the more popular style music the MFSO programs for some of our concert is just fun.  I have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to have been a part of this for so long.

Outside of my musical life, my husband of 28 years and I own Tall Paul’s Tall Mall, which is an internet-based business that specializes in housewares for taller than average persons.  We are active in our church and help support a Lutheran seminary in Nigeria.  We have made good friends with some of the faculty and love to host them in our home when they visit our country.  I enjoy traveling in the US, venturing to 34 states over the years – only 16 left to go!  In quieter times you may find me relaxing on our patio while listening to a good book or podcast and drinking a great cup of coffee.  Or music – I might be listening to some music too!

It is rare for a community the size of ours to boast that a symphony orchestra makes its home here. This is one of the things that makes living in Menomonee Falls and Sussex special!  You have the opportunity to hear great music played by an ensemble of experienced musicians right here.  We all look forward to getting back in the concert hall and performing for you.