Elizabeth Jorgensen

Elizabeth Jorgensen is a writer and teacher. Her memoir, Go, Gwen, Go: A Family’s Journey to Olympic Gold is available now (Meyer & Meyer Sport, 2019). She hopes you’ll buy it from a local bookseller.

Picture of Nancy and Liz Jorgensen
Nancy (mom) and Liz Jorgensen

Elizabeth is an avid Real Housewives and sijo (a Korean form of poetry) fan; she also loves working out with her trainer, Ryan Bloor, at Right Body Fitness. Learn more on her website: lizjorgensen.weebly.com

Liz has been playing the violin since age five; she graduated in 2001 from Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Senior Symphony as a violist and continued playing violin and viola with local groups. In college, she was the president of Marquette University’s orchestra. 

After trying out different local orchestras, Liz finally found her home in the MFSO.

  • How long have you been in MFSO? I joined MFSO in 2018.
  • What instrument do you play in the orchestra? First violin.
  • Do you play others? I also play the viola.
  • What has the MFSO meant to you? I really love that the orchestra is filled with accomplished musicians. The musicianship pushes me to be better every rehearsal. Our conductor, Mike, is so supportive and interesting. He has great ideas for music and I really love the themed concerts each year (especially the Valentine’s Day concert). I learn something new each rehearsal and I also enjoy that I get to play and carpool to MFSO rehearsals and concerts with my lifelong friends, Kassie Slotty and Eric Slotty.
  • Favorite composer(s), piece(s)? Shostakovich Symphony 5

NOTE from Mike Kamenski: I have read Liz’s book and it is a riveting account of her sister’s trials and triumphs [achieving a U.S. Gold Medal in Triathlon], uniquely narrated in stereo by sister and mother. Their vivid storytelling affords the reader a rare opportunity to “be there” – behind the scenes and inside the emotions of the entire family. I recommend it highly!

Picture of Mary and Liz Jorgensen
Liz on the right with stand partner Mary